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May 9, 2011
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Fake Keyboard 2011 Collection by hyronomous Fake Keyboard 2011 Collection by hyronomous
Alex Warble FAKE KEYBOARDS 2010-2011
Recycled Synesthetic Music/Color Sculpture-

• I have made over 100 of these keyboards in my lifetime. I really enjoy making keyboards and new hybrid musical instruments out of wood and other recycled materials I find outside in the urban landscape of Memphis Tennessee. By utilizing color theory, and painting the keyboards unlikely colors due to the name of the keyboard, I feel I achieve something that infers a sort of music as one views the keyboards. particularly for musicians who play with lots of synthesizers -
I am always drawn to the keyboards at yard sales, flea mrkts., and Thrift shops that are cheap and brightly colored. This one I got is so out of tune and it is green - i started thinking how would a lavender keyboard sound if it only had one setting?


These keyboards are made from recycled materials found on the streets of Memphis Tennessee, I feel these materials imbue the art objects / instruments with special qualities that makes them Memphis folk art .

check out a song that goes along with this (free download)
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Eggnogg-Artt Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's so cool. I love what you say about each keyboard having a colour and - potentially - a sound to match. Makes me think how awesome it would be if there were a bunch of working collectible synthesisers and keyboards, each with a unique sound. Would make a pretty neat happy-meal toy, at least :D
hyronomous Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012   General Artist
or an iphone app :)
ayfere Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
those are sooo cute! :)
windowfog Featured By Owner May 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So weird, but so cool.
DeadNettlez Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Are you staying dry my friend? I hear the rivers are quite high!
hyronomous Featured By Owner May 16, 2011   General Artist
hope you stay dry down there !
DeadNettlez Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
bubble bublle bulbllhbble
hyronomous Featured By Owner May 12, 2011   General Artist
yes indeed, i am in midtown, thankfully my place didn't flood.
laresistance Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
taha ! ow man, these are still so awesome !! can't get enough of them. you should do a show only with fake instruments
hyronomous Featured By Owner May 16, 2011   General Artist
i did it , last night, everyone walked out of the bar , but now i can say I did it :D
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